Updated Withdrawal Agreement statement from Colin Clark MP

"Before Christmas I declared I will support the Prime Minsters Withdrawal Agreement which protects jobs and fulfils the pledge we made to deliver on the BREXIT referendum.

I respect the 2014 Independence Referendum and the EU referendum. 

Now that decision has been made it is my responsibility to support the best deal. To deliver near frictionless non-tariff trade and allow the UK to negotiate with the rest of the world. 

90% of the world’s growth will be out-with the EU. Much of our migration will come from outside the EU. 

Despite media reports about the down side of BREXIT the following is the case.

1.    UK unemployment is at a record low.
2.    Forbes magazine chose the U.K. as the best place to do business.
3.    The UK is the 3rd most popular destination for inward foreign investment ahead of France and Germany.
4.    80% of the UK economy is services ready to exploit worldwide markets. 

We live in a representative democracy and I will act for all my constituents and the people of the UK and support the Prime Minster."