Backing Boris as our next leader and Prime Minister

The important line is we must stop Corbyn and Sturgeon by living up to the promise we made to deliver on the public’s Brexit decision. As a business person stopping the uncertainty is essential. Boris will deliver Brexit and reinvigorate Conservatism safeguarding the U.K. jobs miracle.

Brexit Update 13 March 2019

We are now left with impossible choices. I still believe we should honour referendums, the 2014 Scottish Separation referendum and the 2016 UK BREXIT referendum. Therefore, I have supported the PM's deal painstakingly negotiated with the EU.

Updated Withdrawal Agreement statement from Colin Clark MP

"Before Christmas I declared I will support the Prime Minsters Withdrawal Agreement which protects jobs and fulfils the pledge we made to deliver on the BREXIT referendum.

I respect the 2014 Independence Referendum and the EU referendum. 

2019 New Year Message

I climbed to the top of Bennachie with my six year old son on Friday -his first time. On an unusually mild day for the time of year and in the sparkling sunshine, you could see for miles.

Draft EU Withdrawal Agreement

Amid all the noise around the draft EU withdrawal agreement, it is worth pointing out that this deal at its heart aims to protect jobs and avoid a damaging ‘no deal’ scenario.

Online Retailer's Tax

In reply to many emails about a “so-called Amazon tax”, I agree with the principle that online retailers must pay a fair share of  tax.  I and other colleagues recently met with Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the government is considering this area.

Plant Breeding is Key

Colin stated "28 years in the AgriFood industry has shown me plant breeding is key."

"It’s good for health and the environment that we invent new and exciting plants particularly vegetables."