Brexit Update following first stage of indicative votes

Thank you for contacting me about Brexit.

I am sure the majority of voters are frustrated at the current state of affairs and just want politicians to get on with the job at hand.

I must re-emphasise my position: I cannot lend my support to a second referendum. Referendums are a unique mechanism in our constitution which are only held rarely, they are the purest form of democracy.

I respected the result of the Scottish Independence referendum and I respect the result of the referendum on membership of the European Union.

In addition, in 2017 I and over 80% of current members sitting in the House were elected on a manifesto commitment to deliver Brexit. It has been my judgement to back the Prime Minister’s deal because I believe leaving with a deal is better than leaving without one. The EU has made it very clear this is the only deal on the table. 

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, the National Farmers’ Union of Scotland and business groups support the deal, which is good for jobs. We need to put an end to the uncertainty.

The indicative votes held last night demonstrate that Parliament cannot settle on a clear alternative. It is time for Parliament to come together and deliver the will of the people. I truly believe the best way to do this is to back the Prime Minister’s deal.

I fear that to not deliver Brexit, at this stage, will be harmful to our democracy and damage our standing in the international arena.

I will continue to act for all my constituents, and the people of the United Kingdom, by supporting the Prime Minster, delivering on our commitment.