Backing Boris as our next leader and Prime Minister

The important line is we must stop Corbyn and Sturgeon by living up to the promise we made to deliver on the public’s Brexit decision. As a business person stopping the uncertainty is essential. Boris will deliver Brexit and reinvigorate Conservatism safeguarding the U.K. jobs miracle. This is essential to successful economy that pays for the services we all depend on.

We must deliver Brexit and become the “One Nation” party that serves the whole nation.  

We need a Prime Minister who can defy convention, like our Scottish Leader has done. We must deliver more Scottish Conservative and Unionist MPs to Parliament. We need someone with broad appeal, who will deliver Brexit and unify our party, our country and strengthen our precious union. 

That is why I am endorsing Boris Johnson, a leader who can sell the United Kingdom’s message that we are outward looking trading nation. Trade rescues the poorest in the world, not a hand-out but a hand up. No more EU protectionism but fair competition, opening markets throughout the world alongside control of our own laws and our own borders.

25 years of running businesses hands-on taught me valuable lessons. Negotiate from a position of strength, do not under sell your product and above of when you set yourself deadlines, mean it. The EU will never take us seriously if the date to leave is fluid. The UK must leave on 31st of October.

Business in Scotland needs that clarity – it is vital for business confidence. Boris saw for himself how vital Scottish industry sectors, like oil and gas, are transforming into energy companies with the people and skills to decarbonise our economy. Farming and fishing free from the EU one size fits all straight jacket will thrive. Our creative technology and service sectors needs clarity for the future and an immigration policy that serves our needs.  

In 2014 the Scottish people voted to be at the heart of the UK. We have 13 highly capable Scottish Conservative and Unionist MPs, colleagues in Holyrood and across our Councils it is up to all of us to work every day to unite our Union starting with our Prime Minister.

Boris will renew the Conservative Party, deliver Brexit and ensure Scotland’s voice is at the core of government, defending and promoting the Union. He also reaches voters others cannot. During his recent visit to my Aberdeenshire constituency I saw genuine warmth and engagement with hen parties and helicopter engineers alike – he elicits real human warmth and connection.