A96 Dualling East of Huntly To Aberdeen Scheme Route Options

"It is clear that many local people would prefer this new road to stick as closely as possible to the existing A96.
Transport Scotland say they cannot do that because it has to be a Category 7 road – a large dual carriageway with grade-separated junctions.
By making that decision, however, the SNP government simply proves this is a vanity project.
The money could be far better spent upgrading the existing road and other local roads around the north-east that are in need of improvement.
Another major road building project like this also runs counter to Nicola Sturgeon’s climate emergency rhetoric.
The SNP need to listen to local people – otherwise this risks becoming a very expensive white elephant." 

Colin Clark MP


Further information can be found https://www.transport.gov.scot/projects/a96-dualling-inverness-to-aberdeen/a96-east-of-huntly-to-aberdeen/

Feedback responses to the A96 Dualling Team by 12 July 2019