A96 Dualling East of Huntly of Aberdeen Scheme Feedback

It is clear from the many emails I have received the two routes are deeply unpopular but there is a solution.

A category 7A dual road will not fit on the existing route through Inverurie without demolition of 33 houses. The original outline was for a road that fitted the local surroundings not necessarily a category 7A road.

A category 5 or 6 road with a mix of grade separated junctions and roundabouts would fit apparently, interfering in only 3 gardens. This must be the quicker solution, least destructive and cheapest outcome.

It would necessitate a link road with a grade separated junction from the Rothienorman road to the A96 between the Drimmies and Conglass farms.

Inverurie needs a rapid solution and 2030 will see many hundreds of new houses adding to congestion.