A96 Dualling – East of Huntly to Aberdeen scheme

Transport Scotland and their consultants Amey/Arup arranged for several public exhibitions to encourage feedback or comments from stakeholders, landowners, local communities and other interested parties.   

At the recent public meeting in Inverurie Town Hall, I was disappointed to note the Q route that would have relieved Newmachar and Oldmeldrum is now off the table.   The AWPR when it opens will have an impact on the A96. 

The O route on the South West side avoids being too close to Bennachie but it doesn’t relieve the traffic going NE of Inverurie.   A relief road is essential for Inverurie and the commitment is to dual the A96 by 2030.

If there is any review of the dualling plan Inverurie will still need a road to relieve traffic.

Also for the record one of the routes goes very close to my own home so like all members of the public I have had the opportunity to feed comments back in. Please note feedback can still be forwarded by 22 November 2018.

Further information can be found transport.gov.scot/projects/a96-dualling-inverness-to-aberdeen/a96-east-of-huntly-to-aberdeen.