14 November 2018 - A96 Survey Update

The proposed NW routes of the A96 are causing great deal of negative comment. My inbox is full overwhelmingly of people outraged by the environmental damage the routes would make.
For the record I must state I live near the proposed blue route but this should not preclude the local MP representing his constituents.
We are undertaking a survey on my website, are receiving letters/emails on a daily basis and have had over 10000 Facebook engagements regarding the A96.
My A96 survey asks people to choose their preferred option from the following 
1. A route go through unspoiled farm land.
2. Following the existing route with work to dual where necessary
3. No new road
4. Other
The vast majority who have undertaken the survey, 82% to date, are supportive of option 2, to stay on the existing A96 route and dual where necessary.
I believe the A96action group has gathered a lot of evidence that demonstrates the existing path of the A96 could accommodate a dual carriageway and a link road from the north could be connected through a graded junction.
The proposed route for the A96 west of Inverurie to Huntly largely follows the existing road and may well add two lanes to the existing path of the road.
I would like to see the evidence re-evaluated for the road staying on its existing path from Thainstone to Drimmies Farm and how pragmatic it is to widen the route.
The economic isolation of Inverurie caused by the northern route seems to have been ignored by the Council despite the evidence of Huntly.

Inverurie’s traffic must be relieved and the environmental impact should be minimised. It is so important local voices are heard and not bulldozed by a national policy to dual between Scottish cities.
Colin Clark MP